Thursday, October 23, 2008

Zune, Declare Yourslf, and "The Youngest Candidate"!


Zune speaks to young adults about voting. Joint partnership with Declare Yourself and The Youngest Candidate director, Jason Pollock, to visit college campuses and get the word out

REDMOND, WA — October 20, 2008 — Just in time for the presidential election, Zune is encouraging young adults to get out and vote on November 4, 2008 and is partnering with Declare Yourself, the national non-profit campaign to encourage youth to register to vote and get to the polls, and Jason Pollock, director of the new documentary “The Youngest Candidate.”

Declare Yourself has been working diligently the past few months to inspire youth to register to vote and now with only 16 days to go until the election, Zune is teaming up to get those who registered to cast their vote.

Now through the election, Zune is speaking to more than 2 million music fans by featuring an election page, “Declare Yourself! Election ’08,” in the Zune Marketplace online store, and by creating a “Declare Yourself” page in the online music community, Zune Social. Users can visit the “Declare Yourself” page on the Social to get the latest Declare Yourself public service announcements, political podcasts, custom playlists and to preview and download the trailer of “The Youngest Candidate” documentary, Jason Pollock’s film about four teenagers who ran for public office.

In addition, starting today, Zune will be a part of the “Why Wait? Early Voting” tour with both Declare Yourself and Jason Pollock. The tour will travel on the Zune van to 15 college campuses around the United States in an effort to get the youth vote out before and on Election Day. Director Jason Pollock will host a sneak peak screening of his new film, “The Youngest Candidate” at each tour stop and Zune will hand out free 14-day Zune Pass subscriptions, which give fans unlimited access to millions of tracks available on Zune Marketplace, and will conduct a raffle to give a Zune to one of the students who attends the screening. Declare Yourself will be passing out information on early voting on flyers designed by Shepard Fairey. Pollock will also be writing blogs every day about each stop of the tour on his website,

Tour stops include:

10/20 - Duke University

10/21 - North Carolina State University

10/22 - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

10/23 - North Carolina A&T State University

10/24 - University of Florida

10/25 - Univ. of Central FL

10/26 - Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival

10/27 - University of South Florida

10/28 - Florida Atlantic University

10/30 - University of Virginia

10/31 - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

11/1 - Pennsylvania State University

11/2 - Michigan State University

11/3 - Ohio University

11/4 - Ohio State University

Zune Marketplace also features political podcasts, downloadable Saturday Night Live political skits and more. To access Zune Marketplace, visit: To access the Declare Yourself Social, page visit: and to access the election page on Zune Marketplace visit,