Monday, October 20, 2008

MOVIE TO SEE: Frontrunners

Do you remember the your high school class presidental election? I do, and for my school it was pretty much a popularity fact our class president was also our homecoming king.

But at some high schools there is some serious campaigning going on. In Frontrunners, directed by Caroline Suh, four high school students at Stuyvesant High are campaigning to be their school's class president....and all four have very different methods. An entertaining and symbolic campaign documentary, we follow these four charming candidates as they navigate the electoral process that is said to be one of the most competitice at the high school level.

These teenaged candidates face the same issues as candidates of any age, such as picking the right running mate, shaking as many hands as possible, preparing for televised debates, impressing the pundits and journalistic community, addressing sensitive, reace related issues, and mobilizing an apathetic voter base (we can relate!).
I think my favortite campaign tactic was the lounge that one of the candidates build. The lounge was basically two curtains and lawn chairs set up between lockers in the main hall where the candidate would pour the voter a Perrier and discuss the issues. If you were in high school, what would your candidate have to do to get your vote?

Watch the trailer now!