Monday, October 20, 2008


Hey Guys,
So I'm out in Colorado and just helped organize a march to go vote early! Around 400 students at Colorado College and a bunch of community members from Colorado Springs marched down t0 the county clerk's office and voted today...yay! Lucky for me, Colorado is one of 31 states that allows for no-excuse voting early. This means that even if I was fully able to vote on November 4th, I could still vote early instead! Declare Yourself's newest campaign, Why Wait?, is promoting something so key in this early! Why would anyone want to wait in line at the polls on November 4th, risk having their vote miscounted, and realize last minute they don't have time to go vote and miss their one chance! Don't procrastinate on this guys, if your state allows you to vote early, do it! Why wait?

DY Intern

P.S Check out these pictures from the event...Everyone loves DY!


Anonymous said...

If folks haven't carved their Halloween pumpkin yet, get people to vote by carving your pumpkins to get out the vote on Nov. 4th. A friend of mine did this in Ohio with his pumpkin, and the idea is so simple and appealing for us "get out the voters" to help "light" up our neighborhoods. Check out for free patterns, slogans, and some other links. If people want to make a party out of it, they can invite their friends for a pumpkin carving get out the vote party this weekend.

Similarly, there's a Trick or Vote movement where people dress up in Halloween costumes to get their neighbors to vote. I love it. It's at

Last, there's a petition to make Election Day a National Holiday to help people step up and vote at:

It takes just a minute to sign it. I did. You can register anonymously too if privacy is an issue.

Thanks so much.
Paul in Chicago

Anonymous said...

Damn those girls are fine! I'd vote for dem.