Friday, October 3, 2008

THE MUZZLER!! Available now!

Jessica Alba, in continuation of her work on the Only You Can Silence Yourself, stars in this mock home shopping show in which YOU, the voter, can purchase The Muzzler?

What is the Muzzler, you ask? Well it is a fashionable restraining device in which, when applied correctly, you can prevent your voice from being heard! Watch the video, and listen to the testimonials of Hayden Panettiere and 90210's Tristan Wilde, to find out more!

What are your opinions of the video? Was it memorable? Did you get the point? Will you be voting...or will you be visiting


Anonymous said...

the third 2048 video is now out

Anonymous said...

Nice try, but the real enemy is the Electoral College system. Here's the problem: Go vote for the candidate of your choice. If he doesn't win your state, your vote doesn't count. Oh, wait, that's right -- your vote does count... for his opponent. Because of the Electoral College, the candidate with the most votes in any one state gets all the electoral votes for that state, silencing everyone who voted against him and stealing their votes. Those votes are counted as if the people who cast them had voted for him.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Hannibal Lecter mask is to prevent biting. You can still talk while wearing one. A ball gag (as seen in the movie 'Pulp Fiction') would be a lot more effective in preventing speech.