Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Why Wait?" in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Iowa!

This week, Declare Yourself launched a forty-school handpass campaign, concentrated in four battleground states across America. Our handpasses, designed by the legendary political artist Shepard Fairey, feature state-specific informaiton on how to VOTE EARLY in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Iowa!

We chose these fours states for their close polling numbers, their notorious history of Election Day problems, and their large college student populations. Florida and Ohio are genuine tossups this year, and North Carolina (historically Republican) and Iowa (historically Democratic) are both in play! This election is up for grabs and as they say -- the early bird catches the worm. So regardless of your political party, make like the birds and VOTE EARLY!

Check out these great photos from our Declare Yourself Street Team at Barry University and the University of Miami. Stay tuned for more pics and keep your eye out for us on YOUR campus!