Monday, October 27, 2008

On the Road with Why Wait, Zune, and the Youngest Candidate

Guest Blogger Jason Pollock

On Saturday Oct. 25th we pulled into The University of Central Florida to lay the smack down on students at this awesome university. Thanks to amazing Zune reps, Tristan Gibeau and Jeff Gillin, we were able to have a sneak peak of the film for some lucky video gamers who had assembled to drink energy drinks and destroy each other in cyber space. The video game competition at UCF was a huge draw and we are so grateful to these gamers for giving us their ear.

The film rocked the students and I spoke to all of them about Early Voting and getting involved in the political system in America. Everyone loved the free Declare Yourself and Zune giveaways on one lucky gamer walked away with a FREE ZUNE. The star of my film, Raul De Jesus, was also there and he spoke to the students about his historic run for mayor of Hartford, CT. I took some great pix of everyone so check them out! Thanks again to UCF for the awesome day!:)

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