Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tell Your Friends to Vote!

Inspired by the Hollywood Declares Themselves video, the Youth Vote Project created this video. Their goal: to get every high school in America to register every eligible senior before graduation every year.


Anonymous said...


Tuesday November 4th will be here quicker than we think. It will then be time to make a decision. Which of the candidates will receive your votes. Will you vote? Each and every citizen that is of voting age has the political responsibility to cast his or her ballot. Since we have the rights and freedoms as citizens, we have the responsibility to exercise the right to vote and continue to make our voices heard.

In the few minutes it takes to make our selections we will choose in which direction of our country will take. At a time when our changing society desperately needs leaders to secure our nation, the next President and Vice-President will play a vital role. But, not nearly as vital as your vote.

The Kennedy-Nixon election of 1960 showed the importance of each individual vote. This election is just as electrifying and even more important. Look past the negative campaigning and see the whole picture. GET OUT AND VOTE!