Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rating the Debate..

We're not rating how the candidates did, becuase we all have our opinions...but how many people watched it?

McCain and Obama's second debate was watched in 42% of American households. This shows that viewership jumped significantly from their first debate, which received a household rating of 35%. The vice presidential debate received a 45% household rating.

These ratings are taken in the 55 top television markets. Several markets in swing states also saw household ratings boosts over the first presidential debate. Milwaukee had the largest jump, moving up 26 spots in Nielsen's ranking of debate viewing in the top 55 markets. Household viewing in Indianapolis and Dayton, Ohio (+21 spots in Nielsen's ranking), Minneapolis (+17 spots), and Cincinnati (+15 spots) also increased significantly from the first to the second McCain/Obama debate.

Guest blogger Kathleen Nacozy
photo: Mark Humphrey, AP


Anonymous said...

No one is pointing out the obvious. We cant change the financial
crisis by voting. We will still have to borrow billions of trillions from the chinese and we are printing money that has little value. No matter how the candidates put it they are not telling the truth. Instead of voting we need a revolution. I cant believe we are so sheepish. That should be another party. the sheep because we would follow satin to hell