Wednesday, October 8, 2008

'That one' just might have taken the cake

Amid a worsening economic saga, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama took the stage at their second presidential debate, a town-hall-style affair expected to favor the Republican nominee. But in the end, it was all about "that one." 

"The world has changed a great deal, and not for the better," moderator Tom Brokaw said at the opening of the debate, at Belmont University in Tennessee. "We still don't know where bottom is at this time." 

The candidates, responding to pre-selected questions from a politically-mixed, Gallup Poll-selected audience, hit on the economic crisis and the $700 billion bailout, healthcare reform and the war in Iraq. 

Neither came out as a star; perhaps it is as Politico's Roger Simon put it, "McCain loses by not winning." 

McCain, with such remarks as, "Not you, Tom," when asked about a replacement for U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, or that now infamous, "You know who voted for it? That one," referring to an energy bill "loaded with goodies for oil companies," came off as more grumpy than anything else. 

An Obama supporter seized onto the one-liner, and immediately launched a website selling t-shirts with the phrase and a Facebook page. 

T-Shirt from

Independents responded well to Obama's performance at the debate, according to MSNBC, and the Democratic nominee continues to enjoy the lead he had prior to the debate in most polls.

The third and final debate will take place Wednesday, Oct. 15 at Hofstra University in New York. 
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Anonymous said...

Don't understand knowing about his radicalism, his ties with Ayers, phlager, Wright, etc. and the falling of wallstreet which Obama did have something to do with, how can you people still vote for obama.
I don't trust him!
He has said no drilling a year ago, now he says (he thinks people forgot,I didnt') many things he is saying now is just so he gets your votes, then when he is in, he will do things differently than what he says now, its on record, its recorded his speeches in the past, why don't you people open your minds, stop listening to lies before its tooooooooo late