Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brittany Snow makes a Declaration

Declare Yourself has always been about using humor to motivate young people to the polls. Laughter is the best medicine...right? And it cures voter apathy right?

Well either way, we have decided to post this video which is has more of an Indie film feel than our other videos and uses only language from the Declaration of Independence (except the line "I am going to text this to 5 friends...because I'm pretty sure Jefferson didn't have a Sidekicks). If you've been reading this blog then you would know that DY founder Norman Lear owns one of the original 200 copies of the Declaration printed on July 4, 1776 and it has been touring the country regularly since 2000. So this video definitely spoke to us.

Watch it now and post your thoughts! Which person will you be on Nov 4th? With the party crowd...or the loner with the TV? No peer pressure or anything :)