Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Voting Early in Gambier, Ohio

This year I got the chance to vote in a super swing state: OHIO! I voted early a few weeks ago, which was awesome! Declare Yourself helped, along with Kenyon College's Student Affairs Office, to plan two WHY WAIT? Early Voting Shuttle Days. Over 100 students took the shuttles to Mt. Vernon (a nearby town) to cast their vote early. We even provided students with the forms that they needed to fill out prior to voting, so the process was super quick. 

Students voted in-person absentee, which means that once election day comes around, their sealed enveloped will be opened up and their ballot will be counted. Also, there were election officials at the early voting locations who made sure that every person's information was correct and that their ballot would be counted! DY also passed out buttons and stickers to Kenyon students throughout the day. Voting early is quick and easy. Why wait in long lines on election day? Vote early and wear your "I Already Voted" sticker with pride!

Emily Wolfe, Why Wait Ambassador
Kenyon College, Gambier, OH


Anonymous said...

Well......I would love to vote early. In fact, I waited in line today in OHIO for over an hour only to find that my registring on this site did me no good and I cannot vote in this election. So much for my voice being heard.

Anonymous said...

i can't help thinking it's awesome that there has been such long lines all over... people taking a greater interest in public issues is always a good thing