Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Declaration of Independence at 15th & Stout!

This morning, an original copy of the Declaration of Independence, dated 1776, was up for view in MySpace's Cafe on 15th and Stout (Leela's European Cafe). There are only 25 existing original copies, and we have one of them!

We had a bunch of visitors come by and check it out, taking advantage of this awesome opportunity to see an actual copy of the DECLARATION!. One man noted, "It's one thing to read Jefferson's words from a book and be inspired, but to actually see an original copy right before your eyes is a completely unique experience."

The declaration has been traveling around the Convention, making appearances in various locations- if you're around, try to sneak a peek!

See you around!,
Jacquie & Hope
DY Interns