Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So much going on, so little time...

So it seems that celebs are pouring into town today either for Obama's speech tomorrow or just to experience the immense energy of the DNC! And, lucky for me, they seem to be heading straight to our MySpace Cafes! From Eva Longoria hanging out at the Corner Office to a Kirsten Dunst sighting at the one and only Leelas, I feel like I'm walking down Sunset Boulevard!  This morning I even got the chance to hang out at the Starz Lounge to hear and our own executive director, Marc Morgenstern, discuss the influence of viral videos (video clips that gain widespread popularity through internet sharing)., who created the viral video, Yes We Can, focused on how he wants to change the world of politics today through his own video and celebrity influence. "I'm inspired to make change," he said, "not jingly change, the other kind." Marc spoke of Declare Yourself's numerous viral videos and talked about the PSA Zac Efron exclusively filmed with Declare Yourself. (Check it out just a few posts below...) Zac's influence on the 18-24 year old demographic is huge and is certainly helping us register more young voters.

Well that's all for now! And don't forget, we're still here at Leela's (15th and Stout) so come stop by! FREE DY BUTTONS/PINS/WATER BOTTLES!!

DY Intern