Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where Were They When.....

CNN has posted some pretty decent life timelines on Senators McCain and Obama. You've studied the issues, now learn about their lives before they were presidential candidates!

Did you know McCain was born in the Panama Canal zone?

Did you know Obama spent two years at a Catholic School in Indonesia?

McCain Timeline

Obama Timeline


by Gabriel Braun said...

What Media will not tell you about John McCain

This is an assessment of John McCain preparation and experience to be President and Commander-in-Chief prior to his political career. A discussion of his Commander-in-Chief qualification has been taboo in the media. Yet, he can still assert that this is his advantage over Obama. I would hope that John McCain or his people would share with us the aspects of his military career that provides viable experience for the role of Commander-in-Chief. The charges of elitism leveled at Obama are a truly reflected in John McCain's life. Elitism and privilege have been the cornerstones of his life journey, certainly not character, intellect and merit.