Friday, August 1, 2008

'The Great American Voter Trek' Ends After 2,200 Miles!

Laramie, Wyoming (August 1, 2008) - The Great American Voter Trek ended today in Laramie, Wyoming after 2,200 miles of cycling spanning 47 days. The goal of the trip, which began in Vermont on June 16th, was to raise voter awareness prior to the November 4th general election.

By all accounts, the project was considered "a huge success." The cyclists, comprised of students representing a variety of Vermont universities and colleges, met with thousands of people throughout the ten states they traversed. They spoke to many city's mayors & councilmen and participated in six voter registration drives, registering people aged 17 to 60!

So why was the focus of this trek on voter registration? The US Census Bureau states that, of 197 million eligible Americans citizens, only 142 million are registered. And the voice of today's youth is even less represented. Only 60% of 18 to 29 year-olds are registered to vote and more than half of those do not make it out to the polls!

And why Vermont to Wyoming? Vermont was the first state to allow non-property owners the right to vote. Wyoming was the first state to grant women's suffrage. It is easy to forget how hard many people have fought (and are still fighting today) for the ballot.

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Congratulations guys!