Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Installment 2: The Republicans: Top Vice President Contenders

Charlie Crist (July 24, 1956)
- Governor of Florida
- Attended Wake Forrest University, and graduated from Florida State University and the Cumberland School of Law in Alabama

Lindsey Graham (July 9, 1955)
- Senator from South Carolina
- Graduated from University of South Carolina Columbia undergrad and law school

Mike Huckabee (August 24, 1955)
- Former Governor of Arkansas
- Graduated from Ouachita Baptist University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
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Bobby Jindal (June 10, 1971)
- Governor of Louisiana
- Graduated from Brown University and New College, Oxford

Joseph I. Lieberman (February 24, 1942)
- Senator from Connecticut
- Graduated from Yale University and Yale Law School

Tim Pawlenty (November 27, 1960)

- Governor of Minnesota
- Graduated from University of Minnesota and University of Minnesota Law School

Rob Portman (December 19, 1955)

-Former White House Budgets Director and former Congressman from Ohio
- Graduated from Dartmouth College and received a J.D from University of Michigan

Tom Ridge (August 27, 1945)
-Former Secretary of Homeland Security
- Graduated from Harvard College and the Dickinson School of Law
- Served in the Vietnam War

Mitt Romney (March 12, 1947)

- Former Governor of Massachusetts
- Attended Stanford University for two quarters, graduated from Brigham Young University and recieved a joint J.D/Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School

Mark Sanford (May 28, 1960)
- Governor of South Carolina
- Graduated from Furman University and received an MBA from Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia

John Thune (January 7, 1961)

- Senator from South Dakota
- Graduated from Biola University and received an MBA from University of South Dakota

Charlie Crist

Joe Lieberman

John Thune

Lindsey Graham

Mike Huckabee

Rob Portman

Tom Ridge

Mitt Romney

Mark Sanford

Bobby Jindal

Tim Pawlenty


Anonymous said...

Yuts, daw palagpat imo blog.

Unknown said...

You left off Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia. He is Chief Deputy Minority Whip in the House and a rising star in the Republican party. Virginia is a battleground state this year and Cantor could be a big help. If the McCain campaign is smart, Cantor is in the top two on the VP short list.