Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cast of ABC Family's GREEK to help register voters!

Declare Yourself and the cast of ABC Family's GREEK are joining forces to help register voters!

Cast members will be visiting Follett run bookstores across the US to register voters and promote season 2 of GREEK which premieres Tuesday, Aug. 26 at 9:00pm on ABC Family.

Below are the list of dates and schools the cast will be visiting. Want to get involved? You can volunteer with the cast and help them register voters by emailing declareyourself@gmail.com

GREEK / Declare Yourself dates:
Aug 23 - Sat - Cal State Northridge
Aug 25 - Mon - Notre Dame
Sept 2 - Tue - Sacramento State Uni
Sept 5 - Fri - University of Oklahoma
Sept 8 - Mon - FLorida State
Sept 9 - Tue - Uni of Florida
Sept 16 - Tue - University of Georgia, Athens

We have a limited amount of spots so email declareyourself@gmail.com ASAP!


Anonymous said...

when are the pictures from the cal state northridge event going to be posted/?