Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Register One

Voting is one of the few priceless assets we will ever own. Many eligible American citizens have not even registered to vote. Even if they decide to seize their power, if they have not registered, they may be left voiceless. In all states, swing state or not, the importance of voters cannot be understated.

Think of voting as a powerful weapon at the disposal of a registered voter. Every election, that weapon can be wielded any way the balloter chooses. She can use it against one candidate or in service of another. He can support a cause or choose to try to kill it. A voter can even choose to holster their weapon if they choose not to use it during an election. The registered voter has a choice.

An eligible citizen who chooses not to register has left themselves unprotected and vulnerable. In the event a dire need arises, where the stakes are clear, the voter must hope that those who have armed themselves with the power of the vote will protect them. They have chosen not to grasp the power that is their right of citizenship and have allowed the armed population to steer the path of their lives.
I believe armed citizens have a responsibility to pony up the goods and get armaments for their fellow citizens. We should not try to raise a voting army, just one other well equipped citizen. Registering one person to vote can be our part to ensure that we have a society able to protect itself from corporate raiders, political plundering and unintentional disaster.

Registering one person is not a full military operation. Weapon requisition (registration) forms can be found at any post office or library. Next time a letter needs a stamp, pick up a few forms and keep them in the glove box, backpack, purse or trunk. One can even request their armaments online (online registration). Don't forget the pen and to bookmark the online registration site on your computer.

The next step is to talk about the election, voting or citizenship. The idea that it is impolite to talk about politics should go out the window for those committed to the positive direction of the country. Find a way to bring it up, especially around those who are probably not registered to vote.

Remind people they have power and should use it. One person just might say "I have not requested to be armed yet," or "I'm not registered." Instead of just saying, "You must register," you say, "I can register you right now." Whip out the registration form and pen or open up the bookmarked site and put it in their hands. Help them through boot camp (the registration form), and either make sure they put the form in the mail or do it for them because if the request doesn't go out, they don't have the power. Make sure they leave with enough registration forms for all of their family members or friends who are currently unarmed.

Ask the person you registered to join the Register One Campaign. Give them one extra registration form and tell them where to get more, so they can arm other eligible Americans.
If you aren't already packing political heat, the one you register should be you!
Being a great general is not necessary because you don't have to motivate the unarmed masses. Without much effort, a well prepared and caring person can empower one person to act in their best interest by taking up arms through registering to vote. Be the armory!

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Feminist Avengers said...

Your Jessica Alba poster makes me want to UNregister to vote.