Thursday, September 25, 2008


Last night was the Declare Yourself "Domino Effect" Party hosted by Norman Lear and Hayden Panettiere! The purpose of the event was to attract media attention to the approaching voter registration deadlines...this is our last call to action SO REGISTER!

The night started early with a packed red carpet. Party goers stepped off the red carpet into the 1920's decorated club and lounge, The Green Door, in Hollywood. The first room held a dominos tournament where you could play the new game sensation Big Stakes Five. In a small room on the left, an original print of the Declaration of Independence was on display. This document was one of the first copies of the Declaration printed on July 4, 1776. It's actually older than the signed copy! Across the room was, of course, our voter registration booth!

Just when the room was about to burst, famed spoken word poets Steve Connell and Sekou (tha Misfit) got up on top of the speakers and started their AMAZING performance. They led the crowd into the concert room where Hayden Panettiere spoke and introduced Danity Kane! The Making the Band group rocked the house and ended the party with a message and a bang! Partygoers then were treated to Nola Ice and beautifully delicious cupcakes from Crumbs!

Hopefully all the media will get us more registered voters!

Pictures to come soon.....


Anonymous said...

Thank you Norman Lear for looking out for the next generation. Great event and I love that game, Big Stakes Five, it was a big hit. Lets do it again!

Anonymous said...

Great website, and well intentioned. But your ads in Time and on your web page with the model all bound and gagged and with Jessica Alba as Hannibal Lecter are just weird and misogynistic. Is that really what one has to do to get unregistered "younger" voters attention. Show a helpless, freaked out woman bound and gagged? Really? EEEW.