Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bow Wow's Walk Across America

Rapper and actor Bow Wow was on CNN yesterday morning talking about his new voter registration campaign called Walk Across America. The youngest solo rapper to ever hit #1 is now helping to register voters and encourage young people to vote early by walking across 15 cities in 2 weeks. YOu can join Bow Wow by walking alongside him and helping to register voters. Bring your friends! Join the movement!

I was totally impressed by Bow Wow, what did you think? Come walk with Declare Yourself and Bow Wow this month, check out the schedule below. For more info go to http://www.bowwow87.com/


10/1 - Atlanta, GA
10/2 - Columbia, SC
10/3 - Philadelphia, PA
10/4 - Richmond, VA
10/5 - Mobile, AL
10/6 - Nashville, TN
10/7 - TBA
10/8 - North Carolina (city TBA)
10/9 - TBA
10/10 - New York, NY
10/11 - Washington, D.C.
10/12 - Baltimore, MD
10/13 - New Jersey (city TBA)
10/14 - Boston, MA
10/15 - Hartford, CT


Anonymous said...

RON PAUL REVOLUTION! Vote none of the above!

M Love said...

How do I recieve information about Walk Across America in Philadelphia?

Anonymous said...

To me John Mccain,is concern with the well being of United States,we are in a mess with the econamie, he took off to try& help straighten the mess up&obama is not concern because if he was he would be more concern&took time off long enough to clean it up,Obama I Vote for John McCain because you.I think you will Change things,but make things worst