Friday, January 25, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

After a long week spent pouring over political blogs at Declare Yourself HQ, sometimes you just need to have the weekend to escape. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though – the coverage of the Primaries and Caucuses is everywhere, seven days a week…

This past Saturday, as Fred Thompson spoke to his supporters following a poor showing at both the Nevada Caucus and the South Carolina Republican Primary, it was clear that he had come to the end of his Presidential campaign, which was officially announced on Tuesday. We may not be seeing him any time soon in the Oval Office, but chances are that somewhere in the United States right now, someone is watching an episode of “Law & Order”.

The GOP wasn’t the only party to see the candidate pool grow ever smaller. While Chris Dodd and Joe Biden bowed out of the Democratic race following the Iowa Caucus, Dennis Kucinich held on for a few more weeks. On Thursday, though, it was widely reported that Kucinich was going to end his bid for President and focus on his re-election campaign in Ohio; today, it became official.

The all important South Carolina Democratic Primary is tomorrow, and not to be forgotten is Florida, who holds its contest on Tuesday, January 29th. So, the big question is: who will be following Thompson and Kucinich out of the race? Declare Yourself is on the case and will keep you updated! Thompson Picture. Kucinich Picture.