Friday, January 25, 2008

Super Tuesday – 11 Days and Counting!

The “super” day Declare Yourself is counting down to is February 5th, not Super Bowl Sunday. Super Tuesday brings out voters for Primary elections in 22 states! All across the US, we predict that record numbers of young Americans will come out and support the candidates that have been speaking directly to them over the past few months.

Not sure if you are supposed to vote on Super Tuesday? Here are all the states that will be holding a Primary on February 5th:

*Delaware*Georgia*Idaho (Democratic only)*Illinois*Kansas (Democratic only)*Massachusetts*Minnesota*Missouri*New Jersey*New Mexico (Democratic only)*New York*North Dakota*Oklahoma*Tennessee*Utah*

Polls open across the country at different times, and some Primaries are open to all voters while others are restricted to only those affiliated with each party. To find out more about your state’s primary, head over to the DY website. Click away!

While some newspapers have begun to endorse certain candidates, we here at Declare Yourself are non-partisan. We don’t care who you vote for – as long as you register and vote! Football, though, is a whole different story. Picture.