Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Sun Shines for McCain and Clinton!

As it has been widely reported by now, Senator John McCain won the Republican primary in Florida last night as well as the youth vote! Hillary Clinton also won both the youth vote and the primary; but unfortunately the delegates Clinton earned do not count since the Democratic National Committee revoked all Florida delegates for scheduling its primary outside the approved time frame. This is also why none of the Democratic candidates campaigned in Florida. So why was Hillary there? To lock in a win! Although she does not receive any delegates, “Hillary Wins Florida!” was the headline and instead of gaining delegates, she gained press and momentum before heading into Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday is the biggest day in the Presidential Primaries! 22 states hold primaries, thats almost half the country! Get your friends to come out and vote with you! Yesterday both candidates who won the youth vote, also won the primary. Your vote counts!