Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Miss. Virginia International 2008 Supports Declare Yourself!

Tina Montgomery, Miss Virginia International 2008, is more than just a pretty face. Her platform at the Miss International pageant was Your Voice, Your Vote. Born in Germany, Miss. Montgomery remembers celebrating the fall of Communism as it had a profound impact on her dedication to democracy and civil liberties. She believes that voting is crucial to the preservation of democracy, and it is our right as citizens to vote.

Partnering with Kids Voting USA and Democracy Matters, Miss. Montgomery is helping to engage college students in the election and political process by teaching students at an early age the importance of voting. She targets students from kindergarten to senior year in hopes of increasing the number of active citizens. Miss. Montgomery shared her values and beliefs with Declare Yourself, and we are thrilled about her involvement in getting out the vote!

Here she is posing in Washington D.C with our "VOTE" t-shirt on!


dr. narinder nirchhal said...

i wish you a good luck !

dr. narinder nirchhal said...

hi. hello . everyone support her