Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hopes for an Obama/ Clinton Ticket Halted

Presumptive Democratic candidate for President Barack Obama appointed Patti Sollis Doyle as "chief of staff to the vice presidential candidate." We don't know who that vice presidential candidate will be yet, but what we do know is that Patti Solis Doyle was Hilary Clinton's former campaign manager. Clinton let Sollis Doyle go for poor campaign and financial management, and reports indicate that the two have not spoken in months. Washington insiders view Obama's selection of Sollis Doyle as indication that Clinton is not favored for the VP slot.

New York Observer columnist Jason Horowitz reported that, "A former bundler to Hillary Clinton just called in" and the bundler said, "Either one of two things happen, Hillary is selected as vice president and they fire Patti, or Hillary is not going to be the vice president."

Sources: Huffington Post