Friday, June 6, 2008

Time for the Candidates to Begin Choosing Veeps!

With the long and drawn-out Democratic Primaries all but officially over, it is becoming time for the Presidential Nominees to begin assessing potential running-mates:


In the Democratic camp, much of the early buzz has surrounded the woman that was, until a few days ago, fighting for the nomination. Many believe Hillary Clinton’s experience in Washington could counterbalance an Obama campaign that has been criticized for placing rhetoric above reality. Others have quickly disagreed, arguing that having four more years of the Clintons in the White House is not friendly with the Obama campaign platform of “change.”

Some have hoped that John Edwards would again emerge as the Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee, but that no longer seems an option. Although he has officially endorsed Senator Obama, Edwards stated today that the Vice Presidency is “just not something [he is] interested in.” John Edwards was John Kerry’s running-mate in 2004.


The Republican Party has been more hushed in recent weeks on who will prevail as John McCain’s running-mate. On May 21, McCain invited early front-runners Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts to his Sedona-based Ranch for a “social weekend.” McCain’s camp has said that the potential candidate’s personal chemistry with McCain would be “a key consideration.” Steve Schmidt, a senior adviser, said that the McCain campaign will not discuss the details of the selection process with the press. Condoleezza Rice and Mike Huckabee have also been mentioned as potential Vice-Presidential candidates.