Friday, February 15, 2008

Sharing the Love...

Although Valentine's Day was yesterday, there is definitely some love being displayed in this presidential election in the form of endorsements. Former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney announced his endorsement of John McCain this morning. Although he prided himself on being very conservative and often acused McCain of being too liberal, Romney chose to side with him anyway instead of the more conservative candidate, Mike Huckabee. Perhaps to provide a vision of a more united Republican Party? What do you think? Also, according to CNN, Former President Bush is said to announce his endorsement of John McCain next week in Texas. President Bush has had some disagreements inthe past with a faction of social conservatices in Texas during his time as governor, do you think this will in any way hurt McCain? Wrie your thoughts in the comments box!

On the Democratic side, The Service Employees International Union decided to back Barack Obama today. Who are they? The Union consists of government employees, nurses, health care employees, janitors, and security officers. Why is this important? According to CNN, not only does Obama have public verbal endorsement, but the Union will also be doing grassroots campaigning on his behalf in Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania; these are important states which could determine the direction of the democratic election.

So where is the love from the youth vote? Well, it's not in Texas! Historically, Texas has the lowest youth turnout of the entire state, but will that change this year? Obama and Clinton are neck and neck, but because it is traditionally a Red State, so young will democratic voters turn out in the record numbers we have seen previously this year? And although McCain has a far lead on Huckabee, every vote is important so ya'all should get out and vote!! What do you think the youth turnout in Texas will look like this year?