Tuesday, February 5, 2008

1 Down, 21 To Go...

Of the 22 states holding their Primaries/Caucuses today, Georgia was the first to close its polls. At 7:00 PM EST, the official closing time, it was announced by several media outlets that Senator Barack Obama would take the win for the Democrats based on exit polling. The delegates given to each candidate has yet to be determined. The Republican race in Georgia at this point is too close to call without any of the precincts reporting. No word yet on the power of the youth vote in this race, but as more data becomes available, we’ll update the post!

To keep up with the results from past Primaries/Caucuses, head over to Declare Yourself’s website, where you’ll find our brand spankin’ new Primary Guide! For your benefit, we have compiled information on delegates and provide answers to your most burning questions.