Friday, February 8, 2008

Proof YOUR Vote Counts!

Ever worried that your vote didn’t count? Or perhaps you didn’t vote at all because you didn’t think one vote would make a difference? Well, in New Mexico, the Democratic ballots are being combed through again as a result of Senator Clinton leading Senator Obama by a margin of only 1,100 votes! That’s not a whole lot when you look at the big picture: almost 140,000 votes were cast that day, and 17,000 provisional ballots still need to be counted. The Democratic race is quite close right now, and depending on which media source you use, the candidates are neck-to-neck in the delegate race. New Mexico offers the victor up to 26 delegates (as they are awarded proportionally), which could give either Clinton or Obama a comfortable lead going into the upcoming Primaries and Caucuses. So, there you have it – proof YOUR vote counts!

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