Monday, January 28, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright (For Voting)

Following the Republican Primary on January 19th, the Democrats held their Primary in South Carolina this past Saturday. Following in John McCain's footsteps was Barack Obama, who took home another win. As reported by Declare Yourself in a press release on Sunday, January 27th, youth participation tripled in the Palmetto state, and overall 19% of eligible South Carolina young voters came out to support their chosen candidate. Young Democratic turnout rose 5% compared to their 2004 primary, which is actually a much bigger difference than it sounds! Even if you choose to ignore the stats, you can’t ignore the fact that the under 30s came out in record numbers to cast their votes! A round of applause, if you will!

Tomorrow, the polls open in Florida! While the Republicans have been campaigning there for what seems an eternity, the Democratic candidates have not, as a result of the Democratic National Committee stripping the state of their delegates for moving up the Primary date (as was also the case in Michigan). Even so, it should still be an exciting race – check back here for updates and results! Barack Obama Picture.