Friday, January 25, 2008

Hands Up, Baby, Hands Up!

So, a show of hands, if you will: are you registered to vote?? While the process itself is so simple that it can be done online (shameless plug for Declare Yourself!), many young people celebrate their milestone birthday by complaining about all the things they can do at 18 and all the things they’ll have to wait to do until they’re 21 – I know, life is like really hard. In doing so, they neglect to register to vote, and if they do, they never make it to the polls. Let’s take a look at the statistics, shall we?

In 2004, only 51.5% of the 18-24 year olds in this country were registered to vote. Worse yet, how many of those young people actually made it to their polling place? A measly 41.9%. Sorry to rag on you, Vermont – I love your maple syrup and outlet malls – but only 39% of you actually voted!

So, as your high school health teacher might tell you, don’t be a statistic. And if you want to be one, be a registered voter. If you’re feeling ambitious, how about being a registered voter that actually votes, rather than the one that feels as though their vote doesn’t count or their voice won’t be heard? Show this country that you’re not the apathetic, lazy, (fill in stereotype here) teenager/young adult that they think you are.

Bonus points to those readers who were actually alive when “Hands Up” was originally on the radio. On second thought, bonus points to those readers who actually knew what this post’s title referred to. Ottawan Picture.