Friday, January 9, 2009

Who Knew CNN and Facebook were BFF's?

So what does CNN have in common with Facebook? Not much on the surface, but the two are partnering up on Inauguration day (Jan. 20th) to allow users to watch the historical event on while still communicating with their friends on Facebook. "Facebookers" will be able to go to the Live page on to see Inauguration events while still being linked to Facebook. The live page is split into three segments with streams from the Inauguration and then your basic Facebook status updates, as well as a section that displays your friends.
The idea for this came up when CNN noticed that after election night everyone ran back to their computers to post updates about the election on their Facebook profiles. So for all you social network addicts, don't fret, you won't even have to move your head away from Facebook for one second in order to enjoy the Inauguration as well.