Saturday, January 10, 2009

Declare Yourself is at the Constitutional Convention 2.0!

Declare Yourself is in Philadelphia -- the cradle of our democracy --  to take part in The Constitutional Convention: Building Democracy 2.0

Hosted by, The National Constitution Center, The National Conference on Citizenship, Why Tuesday, and (of course!) Declare Yourself, the Constitutional Convention 2.0 is a chance for young people to revisit this seminal document of American history and figure out how to "upgrade" it for the Millennial Generation.

Today, we took part in the Constitutional Convention: a group of delegates (students and civic education leaders from around the country) got together to propose sixteen new amendments to our Constitution. The Amendments varied widely, including everything from: expanding the "Equal Rights Amendment" to include sexual preference, to public funding of elections. 

Declare Yourself, always eager to champion the cause of voter registration reform, put forth a proposal for "Automatic Voter Registration," in which every eligible eighteen year old would be registered to vote.

In the debate process, each team has the chance to present their Amendment, the delegation asks questions and debates the pros and cons of the ideas, and finally, the idea is put to a vote.

Sounds easy, right? Here's the catch: you need a 2/3 vote in order to pass your amendment. Anything less and your idea is tossed out!

After hours -- yes, hours! -- of debate on the various issues, the delegates had eliminated all but two of the Amendments: statehood for Washington D.C. and... you guessed it! Automatic Voter Registration

With 81% percent of the vote, Automatic Voter Registration was by far the most popular Amendment proposed!

So... let's get started! Voter registration reform is within our grasp. As the Millennial Generation, we are one of the most powerful voting blocs in the country. Why should we stop here? Let's fight for a Constitutional Amendment to ensure every eligible American is automatically registered to vote! 

Go to and scroll down to the Talk Back to Your Government widget to write a letter to your representative!


Bill Walker said...

I would like to suggest anyone interested in material concerning an actual Article V Convention go to Here, you can read the over 650 applications from all 50 states covering a large number of issues.

For reference, the Constitution states if 34 states apply for a convention, Congress must call one. Congress refuses to obey the Constitution.