Thursday, April 10, 2008

Obama's "Dick Move of the Week"

In a new weekly segment on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, Stewart will award one lucky recipient with the prestigious “Dick Move of the Week.” And who took home the very first honor last night? None other than Barack Obama!

In a bitter fight to both engage and capture young voters, it seems both Clinton and Obama will stop at nothing to get their attention. But according to Stewart, Obama may have gone too far.

Last week the eager students at Indiana University mobbed the Obama camp when word got out that they were giving away free tickets to an upcoming Dave Matthews Band concert. So why does this make him a “dick?” It doesn’t. “It’s not what they gave away,” Stewart explains. “It’s when they gave it away.” Apparently, the Obama team conveniently distributed tickets to the herd at the exact same time as Bill Clinton’s campaign speech on the SAME CAMPUS.

College students and Dave Matthews go hand-in-hand. It is not surprising that students would flock to Obama if it meant free Dave Matthews tickets, potentially leaving Clinton’s speech emptier than it otherwise would have been. So congratulations Obama for winning Stewart’s very first “Dick Move of the Week!”

But do you agree? Do you think it was a “dick move?” Did the Obama camp strategically try and sabotage a Clinton event? Was it intentional or simply accidental? Would Clinton or McCain do the same thing? Tell us what you think!