Monday, April 21, 2008

The Colbert Bump

As you know, we are a nonpartisan organization, so since we last wrote on Stewart, it is of course necessary to mention the ultimate Republican, Stephan Colbert. Ok fine, that doesn't help us maintain our nonpartisan-ness, but it is worth mentioning.

According to the Truthiness Encyclopedia, The Colbert Bump is defined as "the surge of enthusiasm The American Public has for a politician, candidate for office, author or other personality after they appear on The Colbert Report." Sure, Colbert made it up, but thanks the James Fowler, there is now scientific evidence to back up this phenonmenon.

According to Fowler, a Political Science professor at the University of California, San Diego, Democrats who appeared on the show raised about 44 percent more money after their appearance than they did before. How does this happen when it is mostly us poor young people who are watching the Report? Fowler says,"When someone goes on his show, the fact that someone went on his show becomes news," Fowler said. "And a single appearance turns into an incident that's reported to 30 [million], 50 million people.""His show is very influential among people who influence others," he added. So Colbert IS at the center of the world!

Last Thursday both Senators Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama appeared on The Colbert Report, along with former candidate John Edwards. But where is John McCain?!?

According to Fowler's research, Republicans had either no response or a negative response to their appearance on the Colbert Report. Huckabee appeared in past and while he his donations didn't show any significant increase, his polling percentage increased from 1 to 3% immediately after. As Stephan Colbert said, thats 300%. Now thats a bump!

My question is, if both Obama and Clinton appeared on the Colbert Report at the same time, will they both receive the bump? Or does the bump go to whoever is funnier? Watch the clips below of Hillary and Barack and let us know who you think should get "the Colbert Bump."

Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

By the way, Stephan, Youth Voter Registration could really use a bump, so bring Declare Yourself on your show!!!