Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where the Heck is McCain?

It’s easy to see why the media attention has shifted over to the democratic race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. This is hands down the most heated primary race in recent history for any party! But it’s only the primary. After the primary race is decided, the winner still has another tough fight ahead of him/her versus John McCain!

McCain is already the presumptive Republican nominee and has the Republican National Committee’s support. But don’t think that he’s sitting around doing nothing while the Democratic candidates duke it out!

Until his campaign officially re-launches in April, McCain will be keeping himself busy. According to the New York Times, McCain will be doing intense fundraising for his campaign, attending anywhere from 20 to 30 events a month. This will be a big push for his campaign because his fundraising throughout the primaries lagged behind both Clinton’s and Obama’s.

He will also take this time to travel overseas to Europe and the Middle East to analyze the US’s international affairs and deliver a foreign policy speech upon returning. McCain said he views the campaign lull as a perfect opportunity to “get our own house in order.”

McCain has an obvious opportunity to jump start his presidential campaign as the Republican nominee, but the main focus of most media is the never-ending democratic primary. Do you think it’s an advantage to McCain that he gets a head start as a party nominee? Do you think it is hurting him to be cast in the democratic shadow?