Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Voters in 2010!

This year, two million more young voters showed up at the polls than in 2004. According to CIRCLE, turnout rose to 51% -- the third highest youth voter turnout in history.

These numbers are encouraging. Young people across the nation are taking an interest in national politics in unprecedented numbers! However, the same statistic also indicates that 48.9 % of young Americans did not show up

Think about it like the glass half-full, glass half-empty conundrum… everyone's happier when the glass is just plain full!

CIRCLE’s research shows hat one of the determining factors in youth voter turnout was level of education. Typically, college enrolled voters turned out at a higher rate (62%) than those who aren’t enrolled (32%). This is likely due to last election’s large-scale campus organizing movements.

Looking towards 2010, Declare Yourself wants to find new ways to get young people to REGISTER AND VOTE – regardless of whether or not they’re in college. How do you think we should do it? Leave us a comment!