Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tweet Congress!

So the election is over and you voted and made your voice now what? KEEP TALKING! There are some great web tools to help you reach out to your Congressperson and tell them what YOU want. In your elementary school in need of books? Do you want Blagojevich out of office? How do you feel your Senator is representing your state? TELL THEM!

My new favorite social media discovery is Tweet Congress ( If you have a Twitter account, check to see if your Congresspeople (Congresstweeple) or Senators are on and tweeting! You can follow individuals like Nancy Pelosi (here: or visit the Tweet Congress tweetstream to view all congresstweeple's tweets.

You can follow where your congresspeople are going, what they are working on and reply back! Check out the Declare Yourself tweetstream as well at

Btw I dont think I've ever said "tweet" so many times...


Anonymous said...

I would want Rod Blagojevich to get out of office, a real Governor will put the citizens interest first and Illinois deserves better than that.

I will have to seriously rethink if voting Democrats next time as long as someone like Blagojevich is found in between their ranks. The doubt is still there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Citizens of the US,

Now is the time to declare yourself soverign of complete US juristiction. The political as well as the banking and royal elite have plans for this country that will enact Marshall Law. Now is the time to truly to declare yourslelf a sovereign citizen.

Within the summer of 2009 to the year ending, the stock market will crash in effect bringing the value of the dollar down dramatically. Martial Law will be declared due to civil unrest. Please be prepared as you have been forewarned.

Due to more bouts of false flag terrorism, the issuing of a national ID card will be
mandatory. The Bildeberg group has stated this at their recent 2008 conference. Every citizen will be encouraged to either recieve a verichip in their hand or arm or receive a National ID card which contains a verichip.

You are NOT required to have either or. Once you have declared yourself soverign you will not have to engage in such monitering tactics.

Be forewarned we are entering into some trialsome times.

Please go to YouTube and type in Marshall Law if you are not aware as of yet.

Peace be with you and may the annointing of Christ Yeshua HaMashiach be upon you!

Wanna know more about what the government is not telling you?

Lets stop this "War of Terror" (as Borat calls it) and start the transference of the message of truth.