Monday, November 3, 2008

More bang for your vote

Who knew voting was such a big deal? Sure, Tuesday's election has been purported as being one of the most groundbreaking elections in U.S. history. But more than just civic participation for your country, casting a vote can score you some free goodies and set you up with some awesome discounts -- and all you need to do is show your "I voted" sticker.

Check out the list below for some of the hot election day deals.

  • Starbucks: Free tall cup of coffee for voters with vote sticker
  • Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream: Free scoop of ice cream for everyone from 5pm-8pm on Nov. 4th
  • Krispy Kreme: The donut master will be handing out free, star-shaped goodies to celebrate election day.
  • O!Burger: The West Hollywood organic fast food stop will give you a free order of fries and organic cookies if you purchase a good ole' fashion American burger after heading to the polls.
  • Colorodo Wine Co.: Say "cheers" to democracy. The Pasadena wine shop will be giving voters 50% percent off select wines.
  • Amoeba: Rock out on election day; Amoeba music will be handing out $2-off coupons good toward all merchandise at all of its locations.
  • Tart: Head on over to Tart on Fairfax in Los Angeles to enjoy a free dessert as you watch the election results pour in.
  • Critophe Salon: Like her or not, Sarah Palin's do is in. Visit this Beverly Hill's salon for 50% off coupons, and get your own version of the vice presidential hopeful's hairdo.
  • O'Neill Flagship: Who could forget those pictures of Obama hanging out at the beach that plastered magazine covers last spring? Get your own beach look at O'Neill, and check out the 25% off clothing racks.
  • American Apparel: Get 15% off and free shipping for online orders of $75 or more at American Apparel's online store for taking its voting quiz.