Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Today's Your Day North Carolina and Indiana!

Are we finally to a day that could end this seemingly endless democratic primary? Quite possibly. North Carolina and Indiana hold their primaries today, and these two states have the highest amount of delegate votes of any remaining primaries. It could be the deciding factor in who gets the Democratic nomination. Most polls in North Carolina show Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton by a margin in the double digits. Indiana, on the other hand, could prove to be much more interesting.

Indiana is holding an open primary, meaning Republicans, Democrats, and Independents can vote in any primary that they choose without officially registering with that party. Indiana is a historically red state, but with the Republican primary all but officially decided, many Republicans could choose to take part in the Democratic primary to vote for whichever candidate they feel is more likely to lose to John McCain in November. Polls have shown the race as virtually tied leading into the primary, but the non-Democrats voting Democratic could make a huge difference, especially given the high number of Republicans in the state.

Regardless of whom you are voting for and why you are voting, it is important to vote! Let’s see record numbers today in North Carolina and Indiana from the youth!