Monday, February 11, 2008

Louisiana Brings out the Youth Vote!

In case you missed it (or were listening to Winhouse all weekend and getting amped for the Grammys) both Obama and Huckabee won all their primaries and caucuses over the weekend; Obama took all 5, Huckabee won Louisiana and Kansas, and McCain won Washington with only 26% of the vote.

Louisiana held their primary over the weekend and the candidates who won the youth vote also won the primary! With the youth turnout doubling, Huckabee held 54% of the under 29ers compared to McCain's 32% and just barely won the primary with 43% to McCain's 42%. Obama won the under 29ers with 2/3 of the youth vote and beat Clinton overall with 57% to 36% of the vote.

Youth vote information on the primaries and caucuses are not yet available for Maine, Washington, and Nebraska.

Tomorrow it's the Potomac Primaries: Maryland, D.C. and Virginia! Doesn't that picture of the Potomac River just make you want to get a breath of fresh air and vote?