Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama Gets Schooled!

There’s been quite a bit of talk, in the past few months, about the importance of transparency in government. During the campaign, transparency was one of Obama’s favorite buzzwords and post-election, the White House has doubled its efforts to make sure that Americans are kept up to date on the latest news coming out of the White House:

-You can read the White House Blog

-You can check out the Weekly Addresses, Press Briefings, and important events on YouTube

-You can follow them on Twitter @WhiteHouse

-You can friend the White House on Facebook and MySpace

-You can keep tabs on where money is going in government via

Social networking and Web 2.0 are definitely important strides towards Obama’s proclaimed “new era of openness,” but what are all of these networks really doing to improve transparency? This week, NYU’s Brennan Center took Obama back to school with their Transparency Report Card – awarding him everything from A+ to F!

What do you think? Is the administration not going far enough to improve transparency in government? Are they going too far? Leave us a comment!