Monday, October 6, 2008

Lose Your Voting Virginity with Skool House Rock!

Everybody remembers the classic 1970's Schoolhouse Rock videos... Check out this updated, mildly inappropriate version brought to you by alums from TV Funhouse and The Daily Show! 

Watch as Mr. Voting Machine Lever guides a new voter through the registration process:

So take a lesson from Mr. Voting Machine Lever -- REGISTER TO VOTE! And come Election Day, "grab the shaft and pull!"


Anonymous said...

Oh my god... hahahahahahaha, that is definitely "mildly" inappropriate but hilarious.

Anonymous said...

okay - I won't vote. Is this reverse psychology or hypocricy? I choose the latter. Celebrities have a powerful voice. By saying this many will not vote for many americans do not GET reverse psychology.

bob said...

There is an alternative to voting.
Don't buy into a sytem which disempowers you. Yes that's right, whoever wins will just be a puppet and nothing will really change, the poor will still be poor and the comfortable will still be comfortable.
If you want to register your opinion why not write a letter or print up some banners and protest legally in the land of free speech registering your disapproval at a system which is so clearly not designed for your benefit.