Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Neverending Story

Have you ever heard the old saying, “there’s no point in beating a dead horse?” Well Hillary Clinton disproved this saying yesterday after winning the Pennsylvania primary by a decisive 10 point margin, proving that you in fact can bring a dead horse back to life if you smack it around enough. Now there’s an image.

Barack Obama, who still leads Clinton in delegate, superdelegate, and popular votes, hoped to put the final nail in Clinton’s coffin yesterday. But after Clinton’s decisive victory, her campaign is sufficiently resurrected, and the Democrats will remain in their never-ending battle.

Whereas there has been a huge spike in civic participation due to the exciting Democratic primary, it could be hurting the Democrats in the end and giving the Republicans an advantage. While the Democrats continue to decide which candidate to rally behind, John McCain can move forward as the presumptive Republican nominee and focus on uniting his party behind him.

Meanwhile, the Democratic race is only dividing the DNC further and further, something that could be very bad news for them in November. In Pennsylvania, for example, “only 50 percent of Pennsylvania voters who picked Clinton said they would vote for Obama if he was the Democratic nominee, but 26 percent said they would vote for McCain.” Basically, many Democrats have said that they would rather not vote than vote for the other Democratic candidate.

So here’s the question: would the final outcome of the Democratic primary affect whether or not you vote in November? Would you opt out of voting if your favorite candidate isn’t on the ticket? Obviously we hope you would choose to vote, but if not, tell us why!